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When The  Rainbow Comes 
Andrea (Andy) Preston leaves her home in Chicago to take her first teaching job at a southern Jr. High School in the fall of 1977. Andy becomes intrigued with a ninth grade student, Keith Canady, who suffers from a congenital heart condition. Her involvement with the student grows ever deeper as his entire family befriends her. Keith shares with his teacher the unusual ability to see a supernatural phenomenon when a rainbow forms above the peach orchard on his grandmother’s estate. Andy is fascinated by the extraordinary vision. Is it possible to share a glimpse of what God sees when the rainbow comes? And, is Heaven really just beyond the rainbow?.
Single Handed  2012
Keith Maze has inspired many people during his battle with cancer. Battle is a good way to describe it. Maze is more of a battler than a victim. Maze has always been a fan of the underdog, rooting for and helping them in any way he can. Even during the darkest days of battling the disease the talented singer organized or performed at many charity events. So who could have imagined that one of the underdogs he helped was, well, a dog? Maze found the Jack Russel named Wishbone annoying in the beginning. Between the frequent fights with another Jack Russel, and constantly dropping a plastic toy on top of Maze's shoe in an effort to get his attention, the dog was nothing more than a nuisance. But then the dog lost one of it's limbs in a tragic accident and everything changed. The two suddenly...more
Twelve year old Timothy Ashworth is the son of a preacher who knows God’s commandments and expectations for mankind. Swayed by peer pressure, he dallies with the ancient evil witch board called Ouija. Demons not only infiltrate Tim’s home, but those of the participating friends as well. The summer of 1976 turns into an agonizing struggle between good and evil, with Tim’s own family in the center of the battle. Facing the harsh reality of evil domination as friends and neighbors turn against him, Tim is befriended by a few unlikely allies and the entire community of Moss Hill. Can love conquer hate in the battle against dark forces?
Walking In Slippery Places 2015
Rosie Moon is a sixteen year old farm girl growing up in the southernmost foothills of Appalachia in Northwest Alabama. Her story begins in the summer of 1969 when relatives come to spend the summer in her small mountain community of Ben Johnson Ridge. She takes a special interest in her youngest cousin, a ten year old girl named Janie Noble; a child filled with grief, anger and guilt after witnessing her father’s suicide. During that passionate season of free love Rosie and Janie become almost inseparable as tragedy and danger force them into a family bond of survival when a mostly benevolent ancestral ghost is unleashed into their lives. This long-dead ancestor reveals himself as a medical doctor who practiced after the Civil War, and leads them ...more
The Late Night  Side Of Morning
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Meg Mayoral returns to her father's hometown roots in Tennessee with hopes of beginning a new life after losing her husband in a scandalous LA double murder. Discovering that being the daughter of a famous country music star elevates her own hometown status to star level expectations, she delves headfirst into her charity of choice as a hospice volunteer. As fate would have it, Meg begins visiting a retired television actor who is battling cancer. She is drawn into his life more and more as together they fight valiantly to overcome small town hypocrisy and injustice. With an 'all's well that ends well' attitude, she will settle for nothing less than a happy ending.

Where The Willows Weep 2015