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"Heart of Stone
Remembering Tat Bailey''
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Heart of Stone
Remembering Tat Bailey

"Heart of Stone - Remembering Tat Bailey" is a look back at Tyrus Cobb “Tat” Bailey’s life and, hopefully, I have written his story in a way to highlight his extraordinary sense of humor and natural generosity. Tat was not always the easiest man to get along with. This account of his life and times will undoubtedly shed some light on how he was affected by childhood heartbreak and hardships. It is my utmost wishes that Tat be remembered for his jovial personality and good works rather than his prickly family relationships or the misbehavior that he intended to be humorous. As we look back at Tat’s childhood, we also look at the history of the times. The reader may come to realize that politics, economic hardships, and the difficulties of acquiring a high school diploma, were very much different than today. Tat’s life story is a lesson in perseverance, following your dreams, working hard to attain them and above all of those lessons be a good neighbor and friend to everyone, regardless of their faults or shortcomings​  
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